UL awarded the world's first EV fuse certificate for ADLER, setting a new standard for the electric

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On March 19th 2019, the global safety certification company UL celebrated the release of its comprehensive new standard UL 248-20 and awarded the world's first certificate for EV (electric vehicle) fuses to ADLER, a German fuse manufacturer, setting a new safety benchmark for the electric vehicle industry.

Among other well-known representatives of the industry, UL’s Global Sales Director for Energy and the General Manager for e-mobility introduced the latest fuse standards and challenges for electric vehicles. The event at the Hyatt Regency in Dongguan, China was held on the occasion of celebrating the issuance of the first UL 248-20 EV fuse certification.

UL, a global safety science expert, presented the world's first UL 248-20 EV fuse certificate to Germany's ADLER Elektrotechnik Leipzig GmbH ("ADLER"), setting a new safety benchmark and model for the electric vehicle industry.  Tom Jackson, Global Sales Director of UL's energy and power technology department, Danish Zia, who was actively involved in the design of the standard, Helge Glück, CEO of ADLER from Germany and nearly 200 customer representatives from the electric vehicle industry from all over the country attended the event.

EV market
In recent years, the global market for electric vehicles is continuously expanding at further increasing rates. This is caused by a growing ecological awareness as well as climate objectives of national and worldwide politics, pushing the EV industry by quotas, regulations and subsidies. As a result, industries and technologies are evolving and disrupting the existing markets, leading to many innovations UL sets an example of rigor testing and strict conformity.

However, at the same time of rapid development, the gradually increasing number of EV safety accidents have also sounded the alarm. Reason for many misfortunes are flaws in safety design and the lack of accurate industry standards. Recently, three mandatory national standards such as the “Electric Vehicle Safety Requirements” are being publicized by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. This applies not only for electric vehicles, but also puts higher demands on the quality and safety of the relevant accessories. Relevant standards need to be improved to promote more standardized and orderly development of the industry.

Among them, the protection of EV isolation lines is very important for the safety of automobiles. With over a hundred years of experience and scientifically rigorously studies, UL promulgated the world's first standard for low-voltage electric vehicle fuses: UL 248-20, setting a new paradigm for the development of the electric safety industry.

ADLER is a German brand that produces a variety of fuses, fuse holders, surge protectors and switches. Previously, ADLER's products completed the heavy test required by UL 248-20 in Fangyuan Testing Laboratory, and obtained the UL certificate of EV fuse products issued by UL.

The first UL 248-20 EV fuse certificate obtained by ADLER is of profound significance not only for the two companies, but also for the development of the whole industry. UL and ADLER have joined forces to enhance the industry standard for electric vehicle fuses.

Mr. Tom Jackson, Global Sales Director of UL Energy and Power Technology, pointed out in his speech, “In today's world, technology is evolving with each passing day, but product quality is always in the first place. ADLER’s UL 248-20 certification helps to establish a higher commitment on the quality of safety equipment."