ADLER Elektrotechnik Company Introduction

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ADLER is headquartered in Leipzig, Germany and has factories in Dongguan and Xi'an, China. ADLER has a professional team with extensive knowledge, skills and experience to provide both best technical expertise and customer service in one place. With know-how from a many years of fuse development and distribution we establish ourselves as your first point of contact for photovoltaic, electric vehicle, industrial fuses and accessories.  

Based on our strong foundations and innovative spirit we strive to achieve robust growth. Our diverse and dedicated team of sales people, product technicians and field application engineers supplies top quality products and superior customer support.

Company Name: ADLER Elektrotechnik Leipzig GmbH
Location: Leipzig, Saxony, Germany
Expertise: Design, Marketing and Sales of Electrical, EV and Photovoltaic protection

Our Mission:

We add value to our customer's business by supplying quality specialist electrical products, solutions-focused expertise, personal service and genuine customer care at highest possible standards in our industry.