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June 3rd at 9am the 15th Shanghai International Solar Photovoltaic and Smart Energy Exhibition officially opened in Shanghai New International Expo Center.Gathering more than 1500 famous exhibitors, industry elites, entrepreneurs and scholars equaling nearly ten thousand people.This is the biggest gathering ever.

2021 is the first year of the 14th Five-Year Plan, and under the guidance of carbon peak and carbon neutral targets, renewable energy will usher in new development opportunities. SNEC solar photovoltaic energy and wisdom (Shanghai) international exhibition as the world's largest and most professional one of the photovoltaic industry annual events in the industry, together everyone can explore green energy development opportunities and challenges.

ADLER, the eagle of strong electric protection from Germany, also brought a number of photovoltaic products with their latest application solutions and information from Europe and the United States to participate in this event. While enhancing the company's influence in the world, observing the trend of the whole photovoltaic industry, feeling the direction of the industry development, and making more contributions to promote the wide application of green energy!

Shortly after opening, ADLER booth (E4-565) attracted many old and new customers and friends to talk, stop and linger, creating an endless stream of customers with a hunger for Adler products.

ADLER carries three categories of PV, EV and PU, attracting the favor of many audiences and partners.

Diagram of PHOTOVOLTAIC power generation

Trend of photovoltaic fuse safety applications:

In order to further reduce THE LCOE of pv power stations, pv modules show a trend of high power and high current. As the silicon wafer size increases and the battery efficiency increases (18% to 23.3%), the increasing component current becomes an inevitable trend, and the inverter power or the number of strings corresponding to the bus box also increases. As the power and current of the PHOTOVOLTAIC DC side system increase, the risk of photovoltaic power station failure fire is also increasing. As the most important over-current protection device in photovoltaic system, fuses also put forward new challenges and requirements for their design and performance. The PHOTOVOLTAIC fuses series products developed by ADLER R&D staff through an immense amount of research and testing to IEC60269-6 and UL248-19 requirements, the development of suitable photovoltaic substrings, photovoltaic square arrays, inverter and cable protection series of fuses. Adler fuses can safely protect high voltage and low fault current photovoltaic systems, significantly reducing the risk of fire to ensure the safety of the power station.



With the deepening of sustainable development strategy, renewable energy represented by photovoltaic power generation has accelerated into the fast track of development. As a barometer of industry development, ADLER attaches great importance to SNEC exhibition work and sincerely invites you to visit booth E4-565 to witness the achievements and efforts of ADLER in promoting the development of PV.